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Ayadent Premium is the clinic that focuses on people. On their beautiful smile. On how they feel at the dentist’s office. And above all, on a genuine premium dental work. At our clinic, patients come lighthearted and leave with a smile on their face. Every single time!

Our dental clinic started with the idea that we want to make things differently. Better for the patient. Less painful. More durable. Together we always find a solution for dental inconveniences. We make pain, chewing on one side and dental sensitivity a thing of the past.

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Lavinia Paul


The youngest member of our Ayadentists' team. Astounds our patients with the confidence and dexterity she has in her work, and also the calm and composure she instills even the most naughty juniors.

Dan Ardelean


Ayadent's boss man, the one for which patients come first at all time. The one who adores finding the right solutions for each person, with patience and (too much) perfectionism.

Adalin Pincotan


The youngest doctor from our team, the one that keeps a keen eye on the latest dental solutions. He saves teeth from premature extractions and helps you regain your smile.

Madalina Pele


A perfectionist dentist, for which each filling, each treatment, must be idealy executed so that the teeth will look as natural and flawless as it could be.

Dental Team


Dental Assistant

She's always there when the doctors need help and makes even the smallest of pacients feel at ease during their dental appointment.


Dental Assistant

She can make everyone smile with her contagious laughter, which you can hear even from afar. Being a mom, she's quite gifted at making the little patients feel at home.


Dental Assistant

When you are the most experienced assistant on the team, one thing is clear - everyone comes to you for advice. Or to give you a new challenge in the form of a naughty patient.

Bianca Ardelean


Bianca is the co-founder of Ayadent, the person the keeps the wheels spinning. From financial forecasts to marketing, she makes the clinic's work be as efficiently as possible.


Office Manager

With 10 years of experience in medical client service, Ela is the smiling face which greets you every time you walk into our clinic. Don't hesitate to ask her for help.

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