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Missing teeth can influence your health and facial expression

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Complex dental treatment, in simple instalments

We know that complex dental treatments involving dental, implant or prosthetic surgery can cost a lot, so we've been looking for solutions.

We have come to an agreement with BRD Bank through which our patients can benefit from the payment of dental treatment in 12 instalments. The rates have the same value, the interest rate is zero, and the granting conditions are very advantageous. To find out more about this possibility to pay for dental treatments, […]

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Dental cards for your employees

A healthy, white smile is the best first impression anyone can make. This is the most important for salespeople and executives. Give your employees extra benefits and a business advantage with our dental services card.

Choose dentists who you’ll surely love for their professionalism and positive attitude + jokes well-dosed exactly when the patients have to forget the pain. In addition, your employees will have several reasons to smile having a pack of dental services dedicated to them. Let’s talk about the dental services card that’s right for your […]

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