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Missing teeth can influence your health and facial expression

The way you chew, talk and your face physiognomy are directly influenced by the loss of one or more teeth. Therefore, the dental implant is the best option to replace missing teeth and keep a full smile.

Doctor Dan Ardelean, dentist at Ayadent Premium Clinic, tells us what missing teeth really mean for our body and why the dental implant is something more and more sought after.

What are the negative effects of missing teeth?

All those who have lost at least one tooth have noticed that after a few years, the place where it was is getting smaller, that the neighbouring teeth “migrate” to cover the gap. This happens because the mandibular bone begins to demineralize and reabsorb. The structure of the face begins to change: the lips become thinner and retracted inward, wrinkles appear around the mouth and cheek, the vertical dimension of the face decreases. That is, the whole face looks prematurely aged due to the lack of teeth.

In addition to the face changes, Dr Dan Ardelean warns us that the changes at the oral level are not to be neglected. A missing tooth causes the neighbouring and opposite teeth to migrate over time to cover the gap, thus changing their correct position. This results in bite imbalances that can worsen by affecting the chewing muscles or the temporomandibular joint. The patient will experience muscle fatigue and unjustified pain in the head region as well as permanent dental discomfort.

In addition, the teeth that shift their position to cover the gap will retain bacterial plaque and tartar more easily, which can lead to complicated cavities and periodontal disease.

Dental implant – the most similar solution to the natural tooth

To replace one or more teeth, the best solution is the dental implant. It comes close to the functionality and appearance of natural teeth, and the patient is not feeling it as an “artificial tooth”. The implant, like a natural dental root, positively stimulates the bone and preserves its integrity, thus preventing its demineralization.

Regarding the lifespan of an implant, Dr Ardelean points out that it varies depending on the quality of the implant and how well the dentist is prepared in implantology. A quality implant, inserted by a dentist specialized in implantology, should last for 20-30 years. However, the patient must maintain proper oral hygiene and avoid/quit smoking. It is recommended to visit the dentist once every 6 months to check the condition of all dentures and implants.

Why dental implant and not a dental bridge?

The most important argument is that the dental implant does not involve the using other healthy teeth. The dental bridges must be anchored, so they are placed between at least two healthy teeth which will have their pulp extracted, root canal treated and their shape abraded. Often these teeth come to suffer from dental decay over time and cause complications that lead to extraction.

For one or two lost teeth, the best solution is the implant. One alternative for replacing multiple missing teeth is given by multiple implants to replace those teeth or to create a dental bridge anchored by 2 implants. This eliminates the main problem of the bridge – the use of the natural teeth and the related complications.

Whether you lack one or more teeth, Ayadent Premium’s implantology team will help you regain your dental health.

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