Adjust the shape and color of your teeth

We often don’t smile because our teeth don’t look the way we want. State-of-the-art technologies offer solutions for shape, spacing and colour correction of your teeth. Dental aesthetics provide self-confidence. And so you will smile even when there is no one around.

From dental whitening to tooth shape adjustments, our doctors can turn any closed mouth smile into a wide one, displayed with pride. The transformation begins with rigorous planning, which often involves other dental services, such as dentistry and dental prosthetics. All of which you can find under the same roof at our clinic.

After this process, we guarantee that you will finally have that Hollywood smile that others will look upon with admiration. Take the first step to a beautiful smile.

Do you need dental aesthetics?

Perfect smile

If your teeth are uneven, incorrectly placed or have different colors, we have solutions. Dental veneers come to solve such alignment and color issues and create a new smile.

For complicated cases where teeth have structural problems, dental crowns come in to strengthen the tooth and restore its balanced appearance.

Bright smile

Dental whitening at the dentist office is the least harmful and most secure way to whiten your teeth. You’ve heard this so many times that it’s already a myth. A true myth.

At our clinic, dental whitening is minimally invasive by using substances and laser equipment that have a quick effect and do not harm teeth. More than that, we have doctors who performed hundreds of such procedures, so you can rely on their expertise in determining the colour best suited to your teeth.

FAQ about dental aesthetics

Most of the time, teeth change their colour due to your diet. Coffee, wine and tea can stain teeth and make them yellow. Certain drugs may have a tooth yellowing side effect. But sometimes it’s not just the lifestyle, it’s also genetic. Ageing also makes our teeth more yellow.

The professional whitening treatment should be done only after the age of 18. It is important that the teeth be fully developed, that all permanent teeth have completely erupted.

Dental whitening involves minor risks, among which the most frequent is the temporary increase in dental sensitivity. Our dentists recommend a fluoride gel that you can use in the whitening collars to reduce teeth sensitivity.

Gingival irritation and discolouration may occur. They disappear in a few days as the gums regenerate, regaining their natural appearance.

The effects of whitening last between 2 to 3 years. The period may be less or greater than that, depending on your diet and the way you care for your teeth afterwards. The effect lasts fewer in the case of smokers and those who frequently consume food and drinks which stain the teeth.

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