A complete denture again!

Whether you lack one or more teeth, Ayadent Premium’s implantology team will help you regain your dental health. And your happy smile! Implants have decent prices and you also have the possibility to pay complex dental treatments in 5 installments through our partnership with BT Finance (for Romania’s residents).

You may have been postponing a dental visit, but keep in mind that in time, the spaces where your lost teeth were are getting smaller. This influences the bite, but also the appearance of the face. If that lost tooth is replaced by an implant, this is no longer the case.

You will have complete teeth again, you will smile with confidence and chew anything on either side. You can enjoy the texture and flavour of the food exactly as you did with your natural teeth. Everything for a long period of time.



Do you need an implant?

Lack of teeth afects your physiognomy

The way you chew, talk and face physiognomy are directly influenced by the loss of one or more teeth. All those who have lost at least one tooth have noticed that after a few years, the empty space is getting smaller, that the neighboring teeth “migrate” to cover the gap. This happens because the mandible bone begins to demineralize and reabsorb.

The dental implant is for now the most similar dental solution to the natural functionality of the tooth. It, like a natural root, “positively” stimulates the bone and preserves its integrity. Using a dental implant is possible to artificially replace the function of the natural tooth in the mandible, while having a strong and stable base.

The implant saves neighboring teeth

The traditional dental bridges require sacrifices. Two in the form of teeth that will serve as “anchors”. Dental implants can replace multiple teeth, like a dental bridge, using two implants (or more, depending on the number of teeth required) as anchors. Thus, a dental implant designed to replace a lost tooth becomes a more economic and healthier version than a dental bridge.

Dental bridges stabilised on implants have a natural look and behave just like normal teeth. That’s why they are a great option for replacing even frontal teeth.

Types of dental implants

The dental implant has a root as strong and stable as a healthy tooth/molar, its crown looks exactly like a natural tooth and will have exactly the same colour and thickness as your teeth. Practically, with a dental implant, you don't have the feeling that something is out of place.

Each patient has a different dental situation, which is why the dental implants that we recommend are can be somehow different:

  • Immediate Implant - Implant inserted completely in just a few days. Recommended for both front and back teeth.
  • Traditional Implant - The implant area is allowed to heal for 4-6 months before fitting the implant abutment and the definitive crown. A temporary crown can be used during this time.
  • Dental Bridge on Implants  - Replace a missing set of teeth by inserting two implants as "anchors" on which the dental bridge will be built.
  • Dental prosthesis stabilized on implants - In case of total teeth loss on any maxillary, it is possible to create dentures permanently fixed using 4/8 dental implants per arcade.

Why choose a dental implant?

Unlike other dental work, a dental implant has an extensive lifespan. Okay, there are certain conditions to be durable.

First of all, to be a high-quality implant inserted by a dentist specialized in implantology.

Secondly, equally important, to be well cared for by the patient. That is, the patient should thoroughly clean the implant and all teeth, go to a dental examination twice a year and take care of the health of all his teeth.

Thus, not only implants will last a lifetime, but also the rest of the natural teeth.

Perhaps you’ll experience a strange feeling for a few days, but you will see that later on, you will feel the dental implant just like the rest of your teeth. Just as strong, tall and thick.

The implant (the screw that replaces the dental root) is made of titanium, a material that does not cause allergic reactions in the body, does not rust, does not make cavities.

The dental crown, on the other hand, is resilient and natural looking and can be made out of zirconium-ceramic, entirely ceramic, composite or metal-ceramic. Most likely no one will realize you have an implant. Over time, even you will forget about it.

Probably when you see the screw shape of the dental implant, you’re already creeping and imagining a little horror film with your mouth as the set.

The truth is that it’s probably not the easiest surgery, but we’re making sure you do not feel any pain. We have very good anesthetics! The idea is that within a few days from the intervention you will not feel any discomfort and that from then on you will no longer know what toothaches mean. The implant, unlike a natural tooth, is not connected to nerves and other areas that cause pain.

You’ve probably forgotten what it’s like to chew on the side where you have missing molars or dental problems. Over time, if you chew only on one side, the teeth on the opposite side will be covered with dental plaque and will become more prone to develop cavities.

The temporomandibular joint will also be affected by chewing on one side, which in time leads to joint disorders.

The face physiognomy will also be influenced, as the muscles on the side you chew frequently will be more “trained” than those on the opposite side.

By solving the problem of missing teeth and dental problems on the side that avoids food, you will also solve the problem of chewing on one side.

Regain the freedom to chew

Lack of teeth can affect your health and physiognomy